by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Day 110: Riding Real Waves…Brain Waves that Is!

So last night I legit got down to business on my research.  I created templates for specific criteria which I need to have for the latest and most pertinent information out there today, I organized how I want to evaluate each item and made sure that my list of items was complete and that I wasn’t leaving anything out, which also means that I have a few new documents just kicking around waiting to get used.  I have myself to thank for all of this, because I didn’t pull any of the actually information out of thin air, rather I’ve been slowly compiling all of my key categories in my daily notes journal, which I highly suggest starting to keep if you have something of a certain magnitude that needs getting done. 

It’s a heady feeling to start all of this, considering that I rebelled against myself for so long and refused to move for fear of actually starting (tell me how that is productive…) 

The great thing about this process is that I’ve learned a ton about myself.  I now know that I can’t goad myself into action or try to pretend that I feel motivated when I don’t.  It’s a bit of a catch 22.  If I start working when I don’t feel motivated, than I know it won’t be my best work or I’ll flip flop for the better part of an hour just between all of my social media hubs (wasting time), but if I don’t get started I will end up internally berating myself.  Tricky, tricky… I’ve been reduced in certain moments to just waiting until the wind blows in the right direction and the sun is at the right degree in the sky to actually get to it…but thankfully, that seems to be working…sort of.  But, all is not lost.

And again thankfully, I’ve found myself a bit of a shortcut.  This is almost a cheat if you will, but not really.  Many scientists and people of higher learning use this technique when they get down to work (or at least that’s what I believe they should be doing.)  Have a listen to the video that goes along with this blog post. 

Effectively, it is the rhythmic interplay of bird song (which if you listen to for only 15 minutes a day you will see a significant decrease in your stress levels), theta, alpha and bilateral waves.  These waves are technically present in our brains at different points throughout our days like rest, sleep, meditation, etc.  When played together and at increasing and decreasing intervals, productivity miraculously goes up.  Don’t believe me?  Listen for yourself! (Also, check out this article to learn more -

I swear that it helped me get into work mode and stay there plus retain almost all of the information that I read.  I don’t take this process lightly even though I had a difficult time getting myself here.  That being said though, I do want to finish up my research hopefully within the next week and then study, study, study like nobodies business, so that I can really, truly, talk the talk. 

Youuuu know ittt!

So let me know if you have any results from listening to the Theta/Alpha waves.  At least give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Any input or feedback is always welcomed.  I even do a happy dance when I see something new from you guys!