Day 12: Rainbows

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Day 12: Rainbows

After a day spent outside in nature, I have to take a moment to reflect.  I had the chance to go up north, swim in a lake and spend time with family, all while being serenaded by natures greatest sonnets.  Sunshine and sand, clear lakes and flowers, storm clouds and rain drops.

It never ceases to amaze me at how beautiful things are, and for free too.

One moment in particular stands out to me.  Right after dinner, a huge rain storm rolled through and drenched everything, causing panic to set in once we all realized that car windows were left open and patio cushions were still out.

Helping in the backyard, we were getting the last of it under cover when right there in front of us was not just 1, not just 2, but 3 fully arched rainbows.  And holy cow, were they beauties!  This was made even cooler because the first one spotted just so happened to be in the backyard, arcing up through the leaves of the mighty Oak tree.

 It was actually pretty exciting and made even more exciting, by the fact that I was not alone in my childlike awe of the event taking place.  *much oohing and aahing and hand clapping ensued*

Which got me all jazzed to get out into the rain, and go see if I could stand in the rainbow.  I ran out there barefoot and got right under where the rainbow touched the grass and I felt a jolt of excitement.  I was totally in the moment.  AMAZING!  Something I won`t soon forget…

So here’s what I think.  I personally see rainbows as more of a journey, than as a destination.  It takes so much for a storm to build and the dew point to take place, for the rain to fall and then the sun to start to peak through the clouds at the right moment to create the right angle for the perfect refraction of light to create a rainbow.

With that much coordination, it’s amazing that we see one at all, much less 3 in one go.  

To me, there is so much symbolic reference to my own life.  I do feel like all the steps that are happening now will hopefully set me up to shine like a rainbow later on.  Even if there are crappy storms passing through, and panic at my proverbial couch cushion getting rained on, I would be remiss not to let myself see it through to the end, because there very well may be a freakin’ amazing rainbow at the end to behold.  And if that’s true, than there will be a pot of gold too.

But, for now, all that matters is how I choose to weather the storm.  If and when that is accomplished, than I will only be at the end of one rainbow, but also at the beginning of another one.  Hell, I did see 3.

And, if a pot of gold truly lays in my future than I`m hoping that I will find it, because all that really means is that I get to share it with you and the world through the gift of beauty.

It may be faint but it’s there.  This photograph does it no justice.