Day 122: Sing It Loud, Sing it Proud!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today is a day to sing it out loud.  I mean that in the most literal sense possible, seeing as I’m going to karaoke tonight for my sisters birthday. I’ve been singing my whole life in choirs, through teaching myself to play the guitar, and more recently out loud in my office because I’ve just needed some musical therapy.  I love it, and I find that when I can express myself musically, everything is better.  I think I have a decent voice but I’m no Adele.  I just love how it makes me feel.
I think that it’s always important in life to find something that just plain makes you feel good.  If you do it and you feel awesome afterwards - play intramurals, go for walks, take an adult ballet class, extreme sports, whatever - than you’re meant to do it.  Not everything has to lead to a career, sometimes it should just be for the sake of pure pleasure.
I love to sing because I truthfully like the sound of my own voice and it just makes something in me shift, as though that part, whatever it is, has been turned on and is vibrating at a higher level.  Maybe that’s what this is all about.  Raising your vibrations.  If you believe in such a thing, than I think that for me, because it makes me feel so good, that that translates directly into a better mood and general wellbeing. 
I remember reading an article about cancer patients who were monitored for 6 months and literally stayed at home and watched funny movies, stand up and used every chance they got to laugh.  Through this process some were able to reduce the amount of pain they felt, decrease stress-related hormones and boost their immune systems.  Research has also shown that laughter can also enhance oxygen intake, stimulate the heart and lungs, relax muscles throughout the body, trigger endorphins, ease digestion, reduce tension, improve sleep, strengthen social bonds promote general well-being and overall attitude.  I guess you could argue that any healing was strictly due to their medication, but an intuitive part of me believes that it’s due to feeling better, feeling happier and as a result feeling strong enough to heal yourself.
So tonight, while I don’t have cancer and while I don’t have any ailment really to speak of, I’m going to go out, take the night off and sing at the top of my lungs and laugh my ass off.  For me, I hope that this process allows me to raise my personal feel good vibes and that translates into much more focus and happiness while I continue to plug away at my research.
Meee me me me meeeee!!