Day 123: Starlight, Star Bright

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

It’s hard for me to find the words to start today’s blog, because today is November 11, Remembrance Day here in Canada, a day that we all take a moment to think about those who have come before us to protect our liberty and freedoms as Canadian citizens.  Its not exactly a joyous occasion but more one to soberly think about all that has come before and to think ahead so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. 

Today is also remarkable because of it’s numerical significance.  Today is 11/11 and if you know anything about manifestation and I guess also folklore (cause I know we’ve all had those moments as a kid where you turn around and see the clock read 11:11 and you’d make a wish!) - then you would perhaps see how significant that is.  I believe that it’s the Universe kind of sending you a signal to make a wish, to take your own moment to soberly think about your future.  I’ve written about manifestation before and I guess this is a more whimsical side to it, because at some point haven’t we all made wishes?  Haven’t we all looked up at the night sky to spy the first star in the sky and send out the age old adage “starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!”?

I believe that these wishes can take actual form and because today just seemed so simply rich in its power to transport these wishes to reality, I used my time wisely.  

At 11:11 on the dot I decided to meditate on the future.  I laid down in bed, got myself comfortable, put on some Tibetan flute music by my favourite artist, Nawang Khechog (Youtube him here, he is AMAZING) and got down to it.  I started out by thinking ahead through to the end of November.  I thought of all of the wonderful events that I get to go to, how much I’m looking forward to networking with other Eco-Entrepreneurs, how I am finishing up my research before I take my next online mineral makeup crafting class, how I am looking forward to buying all of the ingredients that I still need and getting to re-start my formulation process months end.  

Then as I came to a close on November, I began to think about December and everything that I look forward to accomplishing with my formula, getting all my multi-cultural girlfriends and family together to mix their different shades that I will need for the line and start cataloguing each entry.  By New Years 2013, I meditated on how I want to feel by years end, to remember all of the amazing moments that have presented themselves to me over the course of one year.

Starting afresh in January, I began to shift my focus to the tangibles ie. the print collateral in my business and the website, packaging and a display stand for my product; February - print collateral continued, high quality photography and video footage for the home page of my website; March - Marie Forleo’s online B-School and taking as much action through her guidance as possible; April - B-School continued and a planned vacation to BC, approaching my first retailer which I’m SO excited about!; May - finalizing all of my tangibles, pricelists, product with packaging, organizing everything in the online world, and planning my launch party; and June - making sure everything is up to my high standards, looking into Green Certification and set everything to swing through the launch and on to the other side. Oh ya and CELEBRATE!

Past June I also meditated on how I want the remainder of 2013 to go, what I would like to do as far as my goals are for trade shows, networking and what not.  In about an hour and a half I went through all of the wonderful things that I foresee for my future and how I want them to manifest in my life, all while using extremely positive, high frequency words.  

That is also a key to this whole manifestation thing.  You have to think power filled, in the moment, thoughts.  Put it out there to the universe as an affirmative, like you’re so awesome that you already have this shit in the bag.  Or at least that’s how I do it. 

As the day comes to a close, and as I continue to plug away at my research, I am going to stop to take another break at 11:11pm, to meditate again on my next year and a half.  I am excited to do this because a) I’m in a really good mood and that takes my manifestation that much further, b) I get more excited when I think about all of the cool things that I know that are coming to me and c) just thinking about all of the mysterious unknown happenings that are also coming to me but have the potentiality to be totally awesome also gets me revved up.  

So with all of that, enjoy your Sunday night, and take a moment to think of Remembrance Day and how the amazing actions of those who came before us have brought us strides forward in peace and happiness, today.  I know that this is a difficult topic for many of us, but it’s a matter of respect and respect for your past and your future are one in the same.