Day 13: The Urban & the Minerals

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I call Urban Minerals a brainchild because it is the fusing of two distinct areas of my life. 

Urban makes reference to the city in a way that is more than what we typically think of as Urban space.  When I was growing up, there was a lot of emphasis on the Urban being tied to Hip Hop music and dance, reppin’ your gangsta style and being nothing but a G thang’… But as we grow up we notice the maturing of things that seemed like staples.  Like a cooler older sister who had so much style, Urban is that coming of age that also notes and highlights the changing views of itself.

The evolution of Toronto has brought to life different cultures in one place.  Toronto has an evolving sense of music, understanding of ethnicity and recognition for city life unlike any other and no matter what, that will remain one of the core values here.

Similarly, Minerals is twofold.  It has as much to do with the Earth and Environmentalism as it does with beautiful women of all colours.  I love minerals because of their beauty and how they come to be.  They are nurtured by Mother Nature in reactions to water and oxygen (just like us) and after millions of years can be used to create wonderful, non-toxic, pigments for colours found in makeup like yours truly.  Only the highest quality, and most ethically sourced minerals will be used, primarily due to a huge respect and love for Mother Earth and all that she has done for us.

The Minerals also has to do with Women and really people of all colours.  Coming from such a diverse place as Toronto has gifted me with the ability to see all kinds of people from every point on the map, every corner of the globe.  Women are beautiful no matter what but deserve some finesse when it comes to their own concepts of beauty and feeling good.  What better place to learn about and hear from people with different needs than Toronto herself? 

Urban Minerals looks to stand up for a re-imagining of the word Urban and a greater understanding for the earthy Mineral qualities that we all possess.  So welcome to the next level.  Yuh dig?