Day 132: Expanding my Horizons

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I’m going to the Eco-Beauty Market held by Environmental Defence.  It’s a trade show of sorts that is focused around a group of likeminded people who are looking for different avenues to protect the planet, plants and animals they hold dear, in a conscientious way. The market therefore is a coming together of all sorts of Toronto based and Canadian beauty brands that specialize in either skin care, hair care or body care.

It’s going to be an amazing experience, I can just feel it now and I’m so excited to meet new people, new business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. This kind of opportunity is a godsend, because it doesn’t often come up that so many people who have the same kind of personal ambitions as me get together in one place either.  Although perhaps after today, I may find more similar experiences popping up, you never know…

The only thing that I feel a tad insecure about is the fact that I’m going alone. I asked 3 of my girlfriends to go with me and each one had something they needed to do on this particular Wednesday. Which is, in my optimistic point of view, not necessarily a bad thing.

I enjoy meeting new people. At parties or work events, heck even everyday on the sales floor I consistently excel at putting myself out there, even if at first I may feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is just the indicator I need in this scenario to push myself, just a little, outside my comfort zone.  It’s a great opportunity to expand my horizons while I concurrently work to expand those same horizons in all areas of my life, higher and higher.

I will report back tomorrow as to how the Eco-Beauty market went. I hope I can gain some real insight into others processes of success!

So, just out of curiosity, is there anything in your life where you feel insecure? I’m interested to know how you may deal with it and what techniques you use to move forward even in those same moments of discomfort.  As always, hit me up on Twitter @Urban_Minerals, here on the blog, or by email -  Your feedback means a lot to me!