Day 14: Time for ink

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today, I took a break for the morning from Urban Minerals, and went and got my first tattoo.  What a freakin’ amazing experience. 

The place I chose to get it done was Bamboo Tattoo Studio in Etobicoke, and am I ever glad that I went there.  They specialize in the traditional Thai art of Bamboo tattooing.  What does this mean?  Well to be quite frank, the artist uses a long piece of bamboo, and affixes sanitized needles to the end of it and with a great deal of hand eye coordination and skill gives you a hand done tattoo.

What you get out of it will last you a lifetime, and like today, the memories made, will too.  I just wanted to share with you how inspired I feel right now, because this is a huge deal for me.  This is a piece that I wanted to get for some time now, that represents a lot that has happened in my life and everything that has aligned for me since the beginning of 2012.

I chose to have a lotus tattoo done for a few reasons.  Lotuses represent one of the 8 auspicious symbols in Buddhism – the seed of enlightenment.  A lotus flower grows up out of dark, muddy waters and appears totally unscathed, fully formed and beautiful.  Much the same way, the seed of enlightenment is within us, always pure, and waiting for us to discover it.  This to me can represent a lot of my own personal struggles, and makes me feel like I am on the right path in my life, by being able to recognize simple beauty after years of struggle.

Also, the lotus flower, in a far more environmental sense, is totally edible.  The petals, the seeds and the leaves can all be eaten and are sustaining.  The seeds produce natural chemicals that can lead to extreme longevity (think 3,000 years) and also can be made into medicines.  I love that there is environmental meaning behind the flower too, and am grateful to have come upon something so pure and relevant.  It will be a piece that I will love and cherish for years to come and will derive much inspiration from too.

So, thank you Bamboo Tattoo for such an amazing experience.  I know I put you through a bit to get what I wanted, but I am SO happy with the end product!