Day 145: Selling Should be Empowering

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

In my humble opinion, selling should no longer be selling, it should be empowering.  Inevitably in every sale there comes a moment where you are faced with the reality of who the person standing in front of you is.  You as an adept salesperson must therefore navigate the situation so that a few things happen accordingly.  

Firstly, you have to put that person at ease.  That is generally accomplished by listening to what they need and efficiently helping them.  Secondly you have to give them options in a clear and concise manner while gauging how much they want to spend, what they might think is too much to spend and knowing how much you can push.  And thirdly, you have to be able to feel confidently knowledgeable.  The last part, is the most important in my opinion because if you’re going to try to sell something to someone, the last thing you want to do is bullshit.  Not cool.


At WFM and in Urban Minerals burgeoning philosophy, it doesn’t matter how long you spend with a customer, just that the customer is given the attention they deserve (not to the detriment of others.)  This is something that I relish on a daily basis, because on days like today, you never know when you’ll have an awesome conversation with someone.  This happened many times throughout the day, and I ended up selling a lot of product just because I was able to engage with my customers on a personal level, help them to find exactly what they were looking for, empower them to start reading their labels and really interact with who they are, not just view and treat them as more $$.  

This is by and large how I want to continue working at WFM and when Urban Minerals launches, I will absolutely be bringing this practice with me.  I want each customer that comes to me to feel not only like they got the best product possible, but also empowered.  Like their interaction with me in some way made them feel like they can move forward with the information they gained and use it in some other way.  I also just want to open more peoples eyes to alternative ways of thinking and aid them in feeling more comfortable in expressing themselves in ways that they don’t necessarily feel comfortable, like talking about the energy of plants for example.  If I can do this than I know that I’ve done my job well.  

And here is yet another idea that I will need to sit with.  Thank you blog for always giving me space to think!