by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Day 80:  

So last night I had a freaking awesome time at the Calvin Harris concert.  I can only hope that my moves were as good as the guy in this video, but I know better.  But please do watch for entertainment value alone and hold on until 2:45 when my favourite moves start.  Jeeez I love dancing.  It truly is a god send because it fills you with such joy, and if you can get past the fact that occasionally someone may stop dancing themselves to watch you, then you can be free like a bird and just let loose.  

This puts me in good standing for my detox, because I know I burned like 1000 calories last night, and then some, because I don’t actually care who’s watching.  If I like a song my body has to move.  I think it’s called Joie de vivre ;)

And because I feel healthier, I figured I’d give myself a mini at home facial.  Sloughing away the old dead skin cells on your face is an effective way of brightening your complexion, helping old scars to heal faster and stimulating your skin cells to keep on keepin’ on.  The symbolic relevance stands for itself.

Now normally I do wash my face every night.  It’s become more of a bedtime ritual than a chore, and I do relish those moments alone in my bathroom, just doing my thing.  Which is why I want to share some insider tips with you.

For the every day this would be way too time consuming, but if you have an hour set aside for youself, I highly recommend going for it.  

I started with the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser, a cream cleanser which contains macadamia nut oil, lime and pure organic avocado oil.  The line is from New Zealand where they are instrumental in growing all of their own ingredients leading to them being able to certify 71.5% of their ingredients as organic by the governing body in New Zealand, Agriquality.  I like this cleanser because as the weather cools off, my skin which starts out as normal with some combination tendencies, says ya no, I’m dry now.  This helps to correct that.

I followed the cleanser with Neal’s Yard Remedies Honey & Orange Facial Scrub which uses Kaolin clay and rice powder to exfoliate the skin of surface impurities and honey and orange to help tone the overall look of the skin.  It leaves your face feeling like a baby’s ass.  Not a bad thing in my books.  Neal’s Yard is another wonderfully transparent company that grows their own ingredients in the Covent Garden in London, England and processes their formulas in a retro-fitted eco-factory in Dorset.  Applause for them because they’ve been around since the 1980’s before a lot of people even knew what eco-friendly meant.  Their scrub is certified 77% organic by the Organic Soil Association in England.  

The next product I used was the Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Facial Mask.  I know right, doesn’t that sound decadent?    This mask has such powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties that I have known a customer or two to get all bent out of shape when it’s sold out.  To be fair it is amazing.  The ingredients work well together to detoxify the skin from any environmental pollutants (car exhaust etc.) you may come across and also has some exfoliating kaolin clay in it too.  You leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and then with warm water gently, in upward circles rinse it off.  Again your skin = baby’s ass.  This product has won numerous Green Beauty awards and I believe in it’s magical powers because it has significantly helped to refine my skin on a number of occasions.  It also smells like heaven.

Next, and this is the first time I’m trying it, but will not be the last, I used the Antipodes (love this line!) Aura Manuka Honey Mask.  Manuka honey is widely held to have nutrient dense, antibacterial properties.  When you put this on your face it has a wonderful healing effect too.  It’s super, and I do mean super moisturizing and can help to stop wrinkles in their path.  That’s enough for me (even though I don’t consider myself vain or to be chasing youth, I just like my face.)

And finally, I finished with the Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Oil.  I know what you may be thinking.  An oil?  Right on  your face?  Well the truth is, oil is not the bastard you’ve been told it is.  In fact, it is much more easily absorbed by your skin when cut with other oils, than any major corporations drugstore brands, and this one contains 21% organic ingredients, the rest of which are from wildcrafted sources aka they go out into nature and harvest ingredients that have not been grown through agricultural practices, aka made by Mother Nature to be the best and the strongest.  I love this oil because what Rose does, or anything in the Rose family, is increase circulation in the skin.  By doing this, it can help to protect your skin on the cellular level and increase healing time.  So if you have acne scars which lets face it, most of us do, then this will help cut that time down by almost half.  I’ve seen it done.  

Now I have to close by saying that these products are not cheap.  And I did get most of them for free as samples because I work in the industry.  But the reason that I like them so much and do recommend them constantly is because 1) they work, 2) they do a friggen fine job of it, 3) they don’t contain any of the petrochemicals, mineral oils, chemical preservatives also known as parabens which have been linked to breast cancer and do mimic estrogen in our bodies, or synthetic fragrances, colours or CRAP that conventional brands do.  I strongly believe in supporting ethical brands that put as much research into their products with the added benefits of organic ingredients when possible and natural when not.  This is an important point because organic makes a HUGE difference, and I’m not just saying that because I want you to spend more money.  I don’t.  I just think organic, better known as how Mother Nature intended it, is meant to be free from pesticides and wholistic in it’s approach to nature, which means its better for everyone involved.  So I vote with my dollare and I do re-buy once I finish my supply. 

That being said, I can only describe to you how my skin feels now.  It feels wonderful.  Smooth, and all one colour too.  In fact it could almost be called radiant but I might leave that up to you guys to be the deciding judges.  

In the end I feel much better too, because by taking away all of the dead skin cells that linger once they die off, I do my skin a favour.  It can breath better and so can I knowing that I’m also helping to support brands that I love and know to be beneficial and effective to me and the environment.  

As cheesy as it sounds, that is the kind of impact I would like to have in the world. 

If you found this informative, or interesting, or heck like to imagine my face feeling like a babies ass, comment, or share.  And if you want to know about other products too, I’m more than happy to give my two cents.  This is what I do after all at Whole Foods.  I clearly love it.

And with that I’m off to Nuit Blanche tonight, a once yearly art festival that puts my mind into beauty mode.  I’m ready to see some beautiful, stunning and smart artworks, and report back tomorrow.  Have fun all who attend and stay safe!