Day 83: Get on Your Own Success Tip

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today is a day to contemplate success. In my books there are so many things that can make you feel successful, things that are not just limited to how much money is in your bank account. I believe to have wonderful friends, a caring family, a body that is healthy and a mind that is well exercised - those are the marks of true success.

Money for all intents and purposes is just the wonderful outcome of not simply possessing those things but of taking the positive energy derived from those key things and channeling it into your passions in life. If and when you can do that, success can be yours.

But true to that statement, a lot of us get caught up in never knowing what that thing, that driving force, that passion, truly is. And so much time can be wasted in fretting over the not knowing. That’s why I strongly suggest to all of my friends who aren’t focused on something to go out and give back to their communities, because through that you gain the opportunity to have some fun. And it’s in the having fun that you can kinda, sorta, start to really see how much you should be doing something or could be doing something and for a long time.

When I had no idea that Urban Minerals was on my path that’s exactly what I started to do. I went for two things that I loved, writing and I volunteered for the Green Living Show.  I started another blog called The Urban Hippie, because that’s what I identified with and volunteered because I figured that was a good approximation of the work I wanted to be doing.  The show was wonderful and I got to meet new people and explore different businesses but really didn’t seem exactly right for me. The only true benefit was that I got the opportunity to watch a talk by some of the big names in the Canadian Green Beauty industry talk about Canadian Regulations on eco-friendly beauty products and that definitely set some cogs whirling.

After that experience, I didn’t know how to translate what I felt about the world for myself, so I figured I’d get it out for all to see in a way that made the most sense for me. And do you know what that passion did for me? It connected me with a lovely business owner who asked me to start doing some writing for her. Which led me to learn more about the social media platforms that I wasn’t already using. Which got me thinking about my own potential avenues. I remember distinctly her asking me what I wanted to do, and feeling so scared and embarrassed to admit that maybe I would like to start my own business. And she didn’t scoff, she didn’t balk, in fact the total opposite happened and she encouraged me to go for my dreams. Which led me to increased amounts of confidence. And the rest is Internet history.

So all I want to say I guess is look for success anywhere you think it may be hiding. The feeling of true success can be elusive but once you set your sights on it there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.

And much in the same way that i was encouraged and rooted for, just know that I’m encouraging and rooting for you!  Get on it!