Day 97: More Reasons to Go Alkaline

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So thinking about it overnight, I think there’s another reason why I love the Alkaline connection to health so much.
I love it because this concept gives a larger context for universal health issues. It’s not just in one area of the world that men and women are having issues with their bones, joints, organs, hair, nails and skin, but in all of them, regardless of north or south, east or west.  Recognizing that connection in my books is essential to realizing that we are all similar regardless of race and we are all capable of attaining great health no matter what.
I think it’s also important to be able to recognize that you may have something going on health wise long before you have a health crisis. Which is why I want to start helping people now.
One of my best friends, Leila, once pointed out to me the idea of preventative health. Preventative health is really just actions you can take along the way, during the course of your whole life that will keep you feeling good, strong, agile and able. When things start to fall apart with even just aches and pains, there are lots of things one can do that can help in recovering quicker and make you feel better faster. It’s just that these things often also promise a significant change in life style.
That’s also why I want to incorporate the alkalinity paradigm into Urban Minerals.  I know that of the women who wear makeup, and there are a lot of us, the majority of those who do don’t really want to stop or change their habits for personal reasons.  That being said of those making the shift to eco-friendly options, there really isn’t a huge world of difference when it comes down to actual choice between brands.  I’ve seen it over and over and most women just want the healthiest, most cost-efficient option, regardless of the brand name, unless they’ve gotten a reccomendation elsewhere.  That’s why I want to incorporate this idea into Urban Minerals exactly.  It makes the most sense to allow women to choose a brand based off of colour choice and variability, wearability, and effects on the skin and now an opportunity to physically rebalance the skin based purely off of how certain ingredients will interact with your chemisty. 

So let me ask you a question, if you knew about and were made fully aware of the ingredients in products you bought like mineral makeup, would it affect your buying decision to know that those ingredients would help to effectively alkalinize and rebalance your skin?
Lemme know because right now as your read this I am doing the research to equitably and healthfully source and mix with such ingredients and your input is invaluable!