Day 98: B-School, Yo!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I enrolled myself in Marie Forleo’s online business school, Rich, Happy & Hot B-School. And lemme tell you right now, it’s gonna be off tha chain!

I believe Marie Forleo to be a very talented, funny as hell, intelligently wonderful business woman. Her style and charisma coupled with real-world, practical steps have helped me figure out a lot of topics and issues with Urban Minerals.  I can only forsee more of the same great training when the RHH B-School training commences in March 2013.

You might be asking, why are you doing this now? Isn’t that a bit, um, crowded?  Well funny that you ask, but in fact no it’s not. It’s actually perfect timing.
Urban Minerals launches June 21st, 2013, and I’m nothing if not determined to see it happen the way I want it to. I have a huge dream here folks and it will come to fruition, but before that happens I have a lot to learn, see and do.  That’s where B-School comes in.
I didn’t go to university for Business. In fact, Environmental Studies is so far removed from Business school that we often all got grouped in together as tree huggers, a term that I find antiquated, ridiculous, and stupid, a word I don’t use lightly (this girl was raised properly).
(Tree hugger being a derogatory term referring to a person who may or may not shower, wears dreads, is constantly in hiking boots, waxes poetic about loving the earth, pickets regularly against big corporations, and yes, hugs trees.  One could also characterize that statement as a hippie.  But as a past blog I wrote called the Urban Hippie taught me, I’m that and so much more.)
But because of that unceremonious title, I believe I drew into me a lot of unwanted thoughts surrounding my own abilities as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.  I othered myself.
So to continually correct the negative assumptions about myself, I’m being proactive.  B-School is an 8 week program that has helped thousands of women turn up the volume on their lives and businesses.  It’s a program that teaches business owners how to understand and recognize the finer points of business like online marketing, social media, list building, building and releasing a product or service, google analytics and metrics analysis, building websites on Wordpress, launching said business and so much more.
Legitimately, this is something I can’t afford to miss out on.
The timing itself is just kind of gravy for me, the flavours that I know I will be needing at crunch time to really get down to, you guessed it, business.
So applaud if you believe this is a good move and check out Ms. Forleo’s wonderful online super training track, Rich, Happy & Hot B-School.