Why I Believe I'm Growing Just Like Bamboo

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So let me start today’s post by apologizing for the last two days and my apparent absence. As with all things, the learning curve that comes with new experience can be steep, and the realizations to match have been coming quickly too.

But hey, this is business and sometimes you just gotta get down to it and do work, girl!

So I did, and I have been doing nothing but. Cranking stuff out and also feeling a little worried because I’m a Virgo and that’s what we do. But all is well again. And I gotta say that it’s definitely because I have awesome friends.

*Mishka, Meghan, Nima, you 3 are golden and have made the last 2 days so much better, I can’t thank you enough!*

Getting really realistic and using my motivational outlets have become essential to my process. My go to girl, Marie Forleo is helping me out endlessly, just in planning and actualizing and keeping a constant budget and timeline which has kept things running for the most part smoothly. Tonight I go home for example to finish my product descriptions and buy some important supplies and then bed. Through it all I have to make sure I get my beauty sleep too, cuz a girl can’t show up to her own party looking raggedy. I’m serious! Sleep helps your body to metabolize nutrients which in turn makes you feel healthy and consequently, look healthy. Yes please sandman, bring me a dream!

So in any case, I continue to work, work, work and the results are just beginning to shine through. Like any good gardener worth her sod, I planted my seeds long ago, I’ve consistently been watering them and I’m doing my best to continue believing that they will sprout and yield the growth that I’ve been aiming for all along. It is spring after all.

It’s funny too, because not long ago I came across this wonderful quote about how bamboo, one of the worlds fast growing plants, takes 7 long years to break through the surface of the soil. That whole time you see nothing happening, no progress, and then all of a sudden, it seems like almost overnight, you have a 10 foot piece of strong but flexible bamboo that is totally sustainable. That’s me right now. And as I think about it I realize that that’s exactly the metaphor I need most to make my mental state just a bit happier and just a little less stressed. Because after all, I am only just one person and I can only create so much in the span of 24 hours. I’m the bamboo andthe soil whichnurtures the bamboo into a fertile state to grow up. Like i said it takeshard work, but yet here I am, making it work and staying happy while doing it. Oh ya and looking fine as hell.

Man, I can’t wait for June 21st!

So, as with all things that grow, there must also come rest, and like I said I need to get super productive for the next hour and then I go to sleep. Goodnight everybody!