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Makeup junkies at heart from the start, we love natural beauty the most! But we draw the line at icky ingredients without any forethought for our beautiful bodies. Come find what you've been searching for, with our vegan friendly, cruelty-free and natural cosmetics!

Keep in mind when you're exploring our online world that we are Locally Sourced as much as possible. That means that all of the ingredients that go into our Mineral Foundations and the NEW Contour Kit have been selected for their short travel distance as much as for their ability to meet our high Canadian standards and need for ethical transparency.

Also, one of the coolest and high vibe things about our line is that Urban Minerals is Reiki Infused! Reiki is the healing practice of channeling Universal Life Force energy into a person or object to help them align with a higher vibrational pattern. All of our products receive the same hands on healing treatment and feel like you're giving your skin a love filled hug when you're in front of your vanity!




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