The Destination & the Here and Now Moment

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Knowing when things are good and how to roll with them is something I'm currently learning to do. With my two first real sales under my belt and more on their way, I'm so jazzed this is my reality. It would seem that I've woken up on the otherside too, that life before the launch and life now after the launch have coalesced and I thankfully find myself exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube (don't we all?) and recently I watched a video of Deepak Chopra and his brother talking about their life paths and fulfilment and something that Deepak said resounded so loudly in my mind that I have to share it with you. He said that once he realized and really got it that life wasn't a destination, that there was nowhere he needed to go, but in fact was exactly where he should be, he became far more centred in his choices and his beliefs. I would agree.

I like this sentiment because often we worry that we're not doing the right things at the right time and we worry that we aren't far enough along or we aren't where we should be, forever stuck comparing ourself to our other dimensional selves who are way smarter, faster and cooler that us here in reality. But by god, its a farce! Love yourself for exactly where you are in this moment and strive to be nothing more or less than who you are right now! It's the only way, by George!

I can say that this mode of thinking is serving me well and I'm growing right along with my newly born business in a way that not only piques my own interest, but empowers me to do more of what I feel is right - being me in this moment. And also as a byproduct, I've found that because I'm no longer focused on where I should be (because I totally was last week, stressing wayyy too much), I've found that I'm now attracting the right people into my life, meeting those who will spring me forward and help me grow as both an individual and a business owner. I feel centred in my choices and my beliefs. Awwww shyeeet. Just like Deepak said.

So if you do yourself no other favour today, on this gloriously sweaty summer Friday night, just do the right thing and do you. Do that so well that you can look around and feel good about exactly where you are in life. And if you're not there mentally yet, that's ok too. Sit with it, with yourself and just feel it out girl. You're on the right path.

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika