Ready. Set. Contour!!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth in

Today We Open Pre-Orders for The Light Reflective Hylite + Divine Matte Contour Kit!

For the past year we've been hinting at BIG things going on behind the scenes, and today is the day we finally get to share it all with you!!

☽ Introducing the Urban Minerals x Light Reflective Hylite + Divine Matte Contour Kit! ☾

With our vegan & organic 6 - shade contour palette, you can now bounce light off the high points of your complexion and create slender planes in all the right places!
This contour kit is dreamy with 3 highly pigmented shades of highlight (a frost, champagne & a rich golden tone) plus 3 flattering matte shades of bronze-y contour made from high quality Canadian sourced, plant based ingredients! Hell YASSS. Not to mention that it comes in the sexiest matte black palette you've ever seen from an eco-brand that is both luxe and recyclable!

☽ Ready to Pre-Order? Click Right Here! ☾