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Nature Knows No Limits to Style & Colour

Welcome to Urban Minerals!

Urban Minerals is Locally Sourced. That means that all of the ingredients that go into our 30 shades of #LMF - Loose Mineral Foundations, have been carefully selected to meet our high Canadian standards and need for transparency.

Urban Minerals is Handmade. Every single jar of our premier Loose Mineral Foundations have been personally blended, tested and applied by Head Makeup Artist and CEO Sarah Devika. With 8 herbs hand selected for their healing and soothing properties, our makeup packs a vitamin and mineral, style rich punch.

Urban Minerals is Reiki Infused. Reiki is the healing practice of channeling Universal Life Force energy into a person or object to help them align with a higher vibrational pattern. Every #LMF receives this same treatment and feels like itโ€™s giving your skin a love filled hug.

That's why we call it, Mineral Makeup with a Soul