Return, Refunds and Exchanges Shouldn't be Hard

We aim to empower Customers to contact us if ever they feel unhappy with an Urban Minerals product.  To best facilitate this process, we ask that you do a few things to help streamline this process.  We humbly request that you first read through our Frequently Asked Questions section to ensure no mistakes were made on your part.  We understand that buying makeup online is tricky and endeavour to make every effort to simplify this process for you, which is why we have the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Once read and if you’re still dissatisfied, please send us your original email confirmation of purchase, to ensure you are still within the 30 day grace period, what happened with the product and why you're unhappy, so we can proceed with the return and refund process.

Returns, refunds and exchanges are applicable for product that is within 30 days of purchase, and is unused.  We allow this for when there is a mistaken purchase of wrong product, incorrect shade or you have experienced a problem with your #LooseMineralFoundation.  Please email directly to describe where the issue lies. 

Please note that all product that is marked for return must be sent back to us before we process a refund, with shipping being at the customers expense.

Don't hesitate to reach out as soon as you notice there is an issue and allow us to work with you on righting this issue.


Sarah Devika

Founder & CEO