2012: A Year in Review Pt. 1

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

As the Christmas madness dies down and the end of the year nears, I feel as though I’m being given a rare opportunity to reflect on all of the wonderful happenings that have taken place this year. If you’re like me and feel like 2012 has somehow been out of the ordinary, than perhaps now is a good time to do some personal reflection too.

I was having a conversation with my dear friend Aleeza about all of the things that have so far transpired, reminiscing about how each month has opened up to some new experience, some new outlook, some new way of life and that brought me right back to how the year began.

A year ago to this day, I was sitting on a plane that was destined to land in California where I was to spend my New Year’s Eve in the company of thousands of strangers dressed all in white climbing to great joyful heights while listening to amazing DJ’s and my New Year’s Day climbing the Hollywood hills up to the infamous sign. When I take a closer look at that event I can really see some epic foreshadowing of all of the empowering things that happened over the course of this year. And while things have not culminated yet with me arriving at the precipice, I am still happily making my way up and up.

February of this year brought my destiny to my front door, if you will. I had a close friend of mine send me a link to do a mineral makeup class, and I swiftly got the first hand chance to dive into what was to become my craft. I’m still so new at it, but every time I create a foundation and pour my positivity into the outcome, I feel a lightness of spirit unlike anything else. That experience quickly led me into the knowingness I had possessed all along, that there was a purpose behind all of the weird, out of sync happenings that seemed to be plaguing me.

March was my time to ignore the inevitable. It was in this month that I tried to evade reality. Every day I was constantly thinking about starting my own business, to the point where I couldn’t stop the thoughts from coming. I’d be driving and thinking about what business I’d start. I’d be talking to someone and the thought of starting up a business would pop into my head. I’d be brushing my teeth and all I could think about was starting a business. It got to the point where I had to just throw in the towel and ask out loud in vain, what business do you want me to start?! But things got better, and easier and I relaxed and saw that the answer to my questions was right in front of me every day in my old job at Pistachio, selling other people’s mineral makeup. The rest is history.

That’s what 2012 was for me. It was my zipper year. It was the slow but sure coming together of all the weird jobs and shitty retail experiences I’d had, zipped together to allow me to feel warm and cozy in a new understanding of who I am, and what I’m about.

And while transition and change is rarely easy and comfortable, I can say wholeheartedly that this experience of a year so set on upheaval has equipped me with more knowledge, friendship, love and understanding than any that’s ever come before.

Over the next two days I want to continue this trip down memory lane, as I do my own personal countdown to the end of 2012. I know that there will be more revelations and more closings and endings to remind me of exactly what went down. So get ready!