2012: A Year in Review Pt. 2

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

As today is the second last day of 2012, I saw it fitting to reminisce about the second part of my journey this year. It was in this time that a lot of the major changes really occurred.

April was a month of extraordinary momentum and questioning. Things that seemed unsure, began to crystallize, ideas that I’d been kicking around made their appearances and I started to see myself as a potential business owner. My old workplace, Pistachio, also began to close down which put me in the peculiar mindset of endings and potential beginnings. How very interesting a time that was. I was starting to practice yoga more often too so there was a lot of mental landscape that was being cleared out and a new clarity being ushered in.

Then May hit and I began to get that burnt out feeling that a lot of people feel when they’re heading into major changes. I was constantly wondering what to call my business, what words I felt were best suited to represent this venture and how I could best suit this vision I was working on with a fitting title. And then through some epic brainstorming with Jess, I landed on the perfect name. Which was such a great feeling that I had no choice but to embrace it. The philosophy started to come naturally from there. I also signed up for an 8 week business course at the Centre for Social Innovation, which to this day I believe truly equipped me with the right basics. I learned and marinated in the experiences of successful people who had gone before me, to the point where I really began to gain the confidence that I needed to make it happen.

By June, I had had enough meetings and discussions with friends and mentors to know that Urban Minerals was for me. Despite not having everything down perfect, I knew that I really wanted to register my business to ensure I got the name I wanted and that even if I wasn’t ready to move forward with this dream, that I would still have time at my disposal. 
So I went for it. After much hemming and hawing and concentrated deliberation, I made my decision to register Urban Minerals on June 29th, 2012 joyfully and it became officially official - lift off!

That same day I left for a celebration in Ottawa where I had the chance to enjoy Canada day and soak up all that great energy and patriotism that imbued me with a real world sense of what kind of Canadian business I wanted to create. Being with great people in great spirits always gets me to that wonderful creative mindset somehow.

By the time July ended I had done so much personal development and career development that I really got into work mode. I started writing this here blog everyday, and began taking the first steps in forming my organic foundation both product wise and business structure wise. I got myself a workspace and office, a desk to do great thinking at and began the task of research and development. A process which still continues today.

Had it not been for this time of great change, movement, standstills and then pushing through to the next levels, I would in no way be where I am today. It is through sheer determination, reliance on friends, fam and my boyfriend that I got through this time in one piece. I look back now so grateful to have those in my life I do and feel only a sense of love for all the amazing moments that came.

As tomorrow dawns there will only be more revelations and reminiscing so stay tuned for the last instalment of my 3 part series on 2012 reflections!