2012: A Year in Review Pt. 3

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

New Year’s Eve for me is always a time of celebration. It’s also historically been a time when people everywhere peer into the future and resolve to make certain changes. I am no different.

As the past 2 days have brought me back to how this year began and then progressed, I endeavour to continue that tonight with one last post before the end of 2012.

I left off yesterday at the beginning of August. For me that was a whirlwind month - I turned 25, got a new job that I love and really started to unfold in terms of connections and new events that opened up my world. It was a good month for me also in terms of writing and mixing. During this process I began to notice a real expansion of my world as well as a mixing together of various different parts as I mixed together parts of my product. Things were definitely changing. As my birthday came up, I applied to work at Whole Foods, and then went away to a rented cottage up on Georgina island with my nearest and dearest. This weekend was what you could call the pinnacle of my summer because of one moment in particular. I was with my 3 girls, out on a paddle boat, in the middle of the lake. it was hot and sticky out and all of a sudden, we each, one by one, decided to jump into the lake. Best decision ever! Laughing and hollering, we enjoyed the warm water and sun starting its descent and it was just this perfect moment in time. To this day I can’t help but smile when I look back on that moment. Flowing joy is the best way I can describe it. I came back to the city after that weekend to a phone call over breakfast with Jess that I had gotten the job and more joy flowed into my life. Wow is all I can say.

September was a month that I devoted to detoxing my life. I took this as literally as possible, what with looking at how I thought about myself, analyzing my financial habits, using an actual cleanse kit, eating cleaner, exercising and just really working to release as much as possible. There was so much happening in my professional life that this month felt nothing but expansive. Nature abhors a vacuum as I’ve heard, so when I cleared out the old and made space for the new, there were just so many events I was given the chance to take part in. I got to go to the CHFA trade show, go on a Wild Edibles tour, and was absorbing so much knowledge at work because of simple product knowledge that it was a positive feedback cycle that I created - the more I took in and learned, the more connections I created, which led me to more events and more knowledge. As I cleansed all the old out I really began to feel abundant, a feeling that I encourage you all to meditate on.

As October began and the planet started to move more into literal darkness as the sun and the earth drifted further and further a part, I could feel that I needed to take a break. I had been going so hard for so long that I really felt the need for some time to myself. Even when I wanted to get work done, I felt like I couldn’t almost because I needed to distil everything in my mind that had just recently taken place. That’s kind of what happens when mass amounts of change come into your life. You start to expect change and then when things slow down, you almost start to feel bad, because you want the change as much as its too much at times. That’s exactly how I felt. Thankfully, this time gave me exactly the time I needed to take it all in and also get certain things done. I got my business banking online, signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School, and hit 400 twitter followers.

November was my time to expand on research and development. But I ran into some issues with focus. I was working at researching my ingredients while I was simultaneously researching business plan guides, and plus the writing process for the blog each day led me to feel unable to accomplish much of anything. I did get a fair amount of research done, but it’s still a continual process and for now I have to be ok with that. Working on having a greater focus on one thing at a time is what I worked on and that really showed itself on November 11. 11/11 for me was a day to sit down, meditate and and visualize exactly what I wanted for the next year. I chose the date because I always looked at the clock at 11:11 as a kid and made a wish. I used that same whimsy to put out my intentions and wishes for the year and so far have felt very uplifted since.

December has therefore been a very interesting month. As we all know there was a lot of hoopla surrounding December 21st. I was riding that wave right along with everyone else. Having my attention diverted at times to big news pieces was saddening and tough and I found it difficult to focus with so much going on around me. Regardless I just wanted to enjoy this month and I did end up putting it out there that I wanted a really top notch designer - someone who was professional and intuitive. Not more than a week later, after having that out there in various social media outlets, I got the best news possible. I’m now currently working with someone who fits all of my criteria and the best part of all is that this positive energy is what will carry me over into the new year. Yay!

If 2012 has taught me anything, it’s that passion and commitment really are the most important things in an entrepreneurial endeavour. I have seen it time and again, the need to keep going even when things don’t seem perfect. But if you keep on keepin’ on, eventually you see the payoff. And it’s just that that I want for you. I believe strongly that you can create the life you want simply by taking the actions now to get there. Sometimes it can feel hard, and feel like your blocked, but ultimately if you pour your positivity into it, the universe has no choice but to reward you. So take heart, make a wish and carry on through into 2013 with a sense of wonder, love, joy and hope!

And let me quickly just say thank you to all of the wonderful people who have been here for me along the way. I have nothing but love and respect for you guys, and I couldn’t be here today without the reassurances, advice, tips, tricks and encouragement. To my followers, you guys make doing this everyday a pleasure and just know that I do it for you. With nothing but love,