3 Steps to Making the Right Decisions!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Big ideas are really special!  Here’s how I distinguish how to follow the Right ones.

When I get the idea for something new, my mind gets all lit up like, yes, YES! This is gonna be great!

I love these moments of aha!  They seem to be peppered along the way in my personal and professional evolution and have left me with something of a 6th sense to spotting them.

(Sidenote:  I try to always harness these ideas when they strike, but it’s interesting to note that while they may pursue me, they generally have little to no manners.  That’s right, I said it!  No manners!  I could be on a busy elevator or sandwiched in between 3 people on a crazy rush hour streetcar with no recourse to jot down an idea.  Not a huge setback by any means, but one that can make all the difference between life changing and plugging along intermittently.  Because they tend to fleet away as soon as I try to recall them 5 minutes later with a notepad close to hand. Nope, no dice Sarah, better luck next time sistah!)

I find that 3 things normally happen.

1) An intuitive hit that seems to stretch through the eons lights me up in the region of my solar plexus and gives me a sense of clarity and outcome.  One where I start to realize if I follow it, I can see a great outcome…

2) A positive outcome begins to form in my mind and I can begin to visualize all the things that I will do to make it happen and what it will feel like to succeed. 

And most importantly… 

3) Feeling a sense of excitement that will power this decision process into the best possible outcome is essential.  I see that inner party as part and parcel of moving on any idea every time, because it means there’s a lot more joy where that came from.  Why not take that path?  At the very least you’ll start to see some happiness from it from the get go.

The really big ideas, like Urban Minerals, harassed my ass to no end. Whoever was in the drivers seat on that one had a penchant for my sanity because I felt like I was being hounded at almost Every. Waking. Moment.  

Do it…it would whisper to me.  Start a business, it’d say when I was driving on the 401.  Creatttte!  

Holy snickers!

I ultimately followed that guidance which brought me here to this blog post and I’m certainly glad that I did, because without that cosmic jump start, I wouldn’t have done what needed doing, imagined what was already there and created what needed to be created.   

I got the intuitive smack in the head, could see how things would unfold and felt extremely excited and happy making my choice when the initial fear flagged and clarity ensued. 

So thanks.  Thanks to the disembodied, spiritual guides that lit that fire under my ass.  I owe you one.

This topic brings me to my question for the week.  How do you make tricky decisions?  Do you lean on your intuition or do you take a more analytical approach?  Let me know in the comments below!

With love,

Sarah Devika