A Head & Heart that Beat in Synchronicity

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was a day for simple pleasures. I took things back to basics and enjoyed the simple art of reading in bed, making a hot mug of tea and playing the guitar.

Ahhhh what could be better?

I’m using my time as effectively as I can, while even making time to get my passport renewed without stress. I think when I start my new year, 2013 should be about incorporating this attitude as much as possible into my daily life. It is a priority after all to allow my product to feel full of happiness and to draw in customers based on that energetic level as much as the beautiful aspects of it too.

Having headspace to think like this is also very nice and I can’t stress enough how important it’s been for me to get really centred. The alone time is exactly what I needed and I can’t wait to distill down even further into why I love having this time to myself. It could very well be because leading a life that you structure to suit yourself every day is exactly what allows the mind and heart to beat in synchronicity. When they’re in tune, you gain far more flow and your days pass effortlessly. What a wonderful idea.

I really want to pursue that train of thought more, but for now I’m going to head back to relaxing, watch some more Big Bang Theory and then go to a party tonight where I’ll see one of my best friends who’s home for the holidays. Yay!

Enjoy your Friday night everyone!