A Kind Happy Valentines day

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy Valentines Day to all you beauty lovers out there! I hope this day helped you to see the incredible amount of love there is out there and that its plain to see for all who seek it. It definitely did for me.

Recognizing that we are all one has definitely been a subject on my mind lately. It has so much to do with Urban Minerals branding as well as how I view people every day. An affirmation to go along with this idea is one that I read for today’s part of my May Cause Miracles guidebook - “kindness created me kind.” This sentiment reminds me that yes I have the ability to be kind to all those wonderful people out there and that in turn leads me to see others in a loving way. What a perfect topic for Valentines day.

So enjoy the day however you want and remember that you have the power to see everyone in a loving and kind light.