A Superhero's Focus

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I find that trying to get things done all at once is no longer my style. As much as I want to be a superhero one day, today is surely not that day, a fact proven by my normal-ish citizen personality and lack of multitasking skills. What brings me aboutface however, is that I made it my resolution to focus more on the task at hand and already I’m feeling that focus becoming sharper. I’m decidedly more diligent about creating tasks and ticking them off my lists as well as also giving myself a gold star at the end of the day. Lord knows I love gold stars.

I’m at Indigo/Chapters tonight with my girl Beau and we’re talking about the important things in life - my business launching, and her upcoming wedding - strangely two things with large price tags that come with such worthwhile payoffs. Sharing in the stresses of putting together things that are both within and outside of our collective control seems to be helping on the focus front. Mostly this is because once you get it out there that sure, sometimes things freak you out, that gives you the needed space to focus on what’s really important. Like getting shit done.

So here we are, sitting side by side, typing away, me at this blog post, her at a wedding checklist (and intermittent Perez Hilton…) Worlds away in differences but so similar in that focus is required to get things done. I take that as success. I give myself two gold stars, one for accomplishing work, one for maximizing my leisure time.

Maybe I am a superhero after all?