A Very Awesome Day

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Well loves what a day today has been. My favourite kind of day in fact because it was my day off to work on Urban Minerals and I kicked motherfucking ass! Excuse my language, lol, but its true.

I did so much, got some much planning done, bought a bunch of stuff from Bed, Bath & Beyond and online and had the bessst meeting with the venue for my launch party and even had time to make myself an awesome launch (scroll down to see!)

I love days like today because they just go to show that you can make the best of your time, you can make productivity a reality and not just a dream and you can prove your own self-worth over and again. And it’s days like today that are so uncanny and wonderful in their special qualities that I just want to champion them and sing it out. Cuz I feel like a million bucks and so should you!

Things may not be perfect sometimes and there will also most certainly be those off days, but when days like today happen just sit in the joy and happiness and let it permeate your body. That’s the feeling you need to hold onto, and cherish, grow and measure until its your day to day life. It can be just as easy as making the choice to see the beauty in everything you do and feel the gratitude that’s already there if you would just look to perceive it.

Make this transition and do this work and feel awesome too guys! I know you can do it!

Peace out!