Abundant Naps

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I took a nap when I needed it. Excuse me, but I think that’s pretty bad ass.

What I mean to say is that in the act of just doing what I needed to be doing, in that moment I felt abundant. What good am I to you and my craft if I’m dead tired or just thinking of when I can turn off.

Uh, no good.

So I napped, and luxuriously so. Now I feel energized and full of life and after just granting myself an abundance of time for myself, I feel recharged and ready to take on the world. I’m important after all.

I want to stress that making time for yourself is so important when you are on your own path. It’s important because burnout is a real thing and can happen when you can least deal with it. So in an effort to rule that out I made a smart decision and went to bed. Ahhh, I love my bed!

So now I’m off to make some headway on an application I’m submitting to the Leadership Grant and to write some content for my website. The best part about this is that i can actually focus and feel good about my progress instead of stress. Yessss universe, keep that abundance mind set rolling!