Ahh 2013, Farewell!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

In my attempt to recap this year, I feel that the best way to describe 2013’s set of events would simply be to say that it was a year of serious transformations!  2013 was a year of incredible pinnacle high points met in equal measure by their corresponding low points.  I can say this because I saw it happen over and over and thankfully at the end of all things good and bad 2013, here I am at the very last high point (thankfully!)
Dramatic no?
Through all of those roller coaster ups and downs, the central theme has always been about learning how to stand on my own two feet when the ground shifted under foot, to make sense of all the new and far fangled ideas I’d never encountered before, and to figure it all out on the fly.  If I had to deem this year in terms of eastern philosophical balance, lets just say it was definitely a yang year (yang meaning masculine, driven, ambitious, expansion, etc).  Big yannnng.  Which let’s be honest, is a really good thing for a new business.
But let me just say it right now, I’m hoping for a bit more yin in 2014 ;) Yin to me is all that is feminine, and also the perfect energy to plan and execute within. 
So the highlights? 
Urban Minerals launched!  That baby I dreamt up not yet two years ago, is now a fully fledged, fledging company of one and she’s doing beautiful things so far.  6 months out from the Summer Solstice launch party, Urban Minerals is garnering rave reviews, contests are rolling out (today’s the very last day to sign up via the ParentsCanada.com website to win 2 free pods of Urban Minerals foundation http://www.parentscanada.com/contest_corner/2013-11/urban-minerals) and satisfied customers are starting to put their hands up…!  (Humbly, I never thought I’d get here, except only in my dreams, so thank you from my very warmed heart!)
On a more personal note, I welcomed my baby niece this year, saw the most amazing of transformations in my family home and realized that I have a whole lot more self-worth then I’d ever previously imagined.  Yeaahhh! *high kicks!*
And of the low points?  Well namely the reason I haven’t been writing much of late, is owed largely to my mothers passing…a very sad moment in the history of this year.  I also said goodbye to my great uncle, and a very close relationship…sadly there were more unhappy things to recount that I won’t list here, but lets just say the balance I asked for at the beginning of 2013 was achieved.
And so here I sit, typing away and finally noting that I was given such an epic opportunity to make my life what I wanted it to be – and I finally grabbed it by the balls and ran with it! (Sorry for the mental imagery there haha.)
2013 was an opening point, a beginning that had never before been seen in my life, and a year I would be hard pressed to forget.  Lots of great friendships forged and moments of hilarity that I will hold in my heart for a long time to come.
So what of 2014 and all that she will inevitably bring?  Well if there’s one thing I can ask for and will ask for right now, is the ability to navigate all of the new decisions and areas of my life that will be forthcoming with epic grace and adventure.  2014 is the year of the Horse after all and I think we could all use some of that Horse medicine when it comes to the speedy adventure we call this life.  This year to come has me longing for more good fortune, opportunities to meet all of you beautiful, wonderful people, to write and speak and of course mix (!) and even the opportunity to begin planning some amazing travel for 2015.  But let me not get ahead of myself…
2014, do with me what you will but I simply ask for the guidance to get wherever I need to go, for the help of the universe to see my visions through and yes for a yoga and meditation practice that will leave me breathing deeply.  Can I get an amen?
So fellow friends, in this moment, what are the things you can feel yourself turning towards, turning away from, thanking and releasing and looking forward to?  Take a second to jot them down (because apparently writing down your goals makes them 800% more effective) and do away with your cares for this evening of amazing shifts in time, yet again.  We made it.  
With nothing but grace and love,
Sarah Devika