And I'm off!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I left Toronto on January 10th and right now I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Cusco, Peru, acclimating to the high altitude while I use a pretty decent wifi signal and considering some next steps.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I leave for the Lares Trek, which will take me a total of 4 days to hike through the Andean mountains to Macchu Picchu.  I sincerely hope I see some wild llama’s and alpaca’s and hopefully a condor! How cool is that?!  I love the idea of being in a new, wildly different place than where I originated from.  How better to know who you truly are, if not set against an incredibly different background?  Some things speak for themselves.  Kind of like my need to have warm feet while I sleep or drink hot black tea in the morning to feel grounded and good about my day. lol.

That is just a sneak peak of what I’ve been writing about on my other blog - The Urban Hippie Travels 

Please give it a read and a follow if you’d like to see my travel updates and get some travel inspiration.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of truly wonderful, epically beautiful things I’ve seen already, in just the span of a months time.

Sending you lots of travel hugs and thanks for the support!

Sarah Devika