Are You With Me?

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today, as perhaps you can see through the pictures I’ve posted, was a freaking awesome day. Happy Victoria Day!

I woke up after sleeping in to brunch with my family and then proceeded to Trinity Bellwoods park where I celebrated a friends birthday. Once there it was nothing but a lovefest, picnic included, badminton and just a lil red wine (shhh.)

What can I say?

It was a celebratory kind of day. New connections and networking, good eats and fun friend time. Fireworks and even more fireworks! All of this was made even better because I worked my tail off yesterday and got a lot done. That definitely helps when I think about everything that is coming down the pipeline.

What a truly wonderful time to be alive. Life is just moving along and with it comes all of these wonderful experiences. I can’t help but feel good and thankful for them.

So yes, even though the launch party is now almost officially one month away, and there is still some lingering fear, I know that there’s more good times to come. I can’t wait to see what every day in these final 32 days will bring and how that will mold and shape what I’m doing, producing, creating! It’s an adventure people so buckle up and let’s go on a ride!

Are you with me?