by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy February all!

Wow, k so January was a crazy roller coaster ride. Without going into too much detail, I let go of a very important person in my life and the last 2 weeks have been my time to really feel that release. It’s been a very intensive journey thus far, but one I could not have done had I not taken some time to myself to regroup.

Moving forward, I’ve also been in contact with a lot of people, close girlfriends and fam and I’m just so happy to be surrounded by the people that I love, that it makes my heart sing. Thanks guys, you know who you are!

Over this last little while, I’ve realized that transition is important. It’s important because without it, you can’t gain true perspective, and you could never really get to know yourself. It’s through this transition too that we learn how we want to see the world, how we think the world should truly operate. Making this transition has ultimately given me a certain perspective that yes, everything is figure-out-able, and this is just the path that I’m on to figuring that out.

As an aside I do want to give a shout out to Gabrielle Bernstein, the writer of “May Cause Miracles,” the book I chose to read as part of my social contract. Through this book I truly do think I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to see things through an even greater shifting perspective, which as she points out is exactly what a miracle is. Who knew?

What I really want to stress here is that anything can happen. You never what a day will bring, how you could be surprised or what insight is in store. Sometimes it can be in small ways and sometimes in big ways but what’s important for me right now is just to focus on being in the moment and enjoying those moments when they come… And they always do!

So over the course of February I’m just going to keep working away at my dream and everyday give thanks and gratitude for the moment. By doing this I know that I will make real headway and also prepare myself for Marie Forleo’s B-School that is set to start in March. Lots to do but hey that’s kinda how I like it…!