Balance: the Point Between Giving and Receiving

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was another day where I felt my motivation just kept me coastin’ bro. It was like I had max amounts of energy just saved up. The crazy thing is, I woke up at 5am, worked an 11 hour shift WFM, then chilled after work and did more, really high energy work on Urban Minerals. I don’t know what the catalyst for this change is - probably a number of factors - but I’m just ebbing with this flow of good high energy.

One cool idea that came to me through a moment of personal reflection later this evening was that while yes I can structure my business in whatever way I choose, the fact remains that if I want it to be an abundant business, I do need to practice the art of giving and receiving. It’s no novel idea, but actually consciously learning to give and learning to receiving allows you to enact balance in your life, and hello! that’s totally one of my resolutions for this year! I’m on to something guys.

With tomorrow just around the corner and my day off to be on just within reach, I’m glad that I get to have a cool meeting in the morning with an old friend from high school to talk finances and then a play date with my close friend Leila whose home from Vancouver and my 2 and a half year old nephew Rohan and newborn niece Mayuri, to chill and relax. Wouldn’t you know it, more balance.

I think I’m really on to something guys…