Beast Mode

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

My ass has officially been kicked into high gear. One could even say beast mode, buts that’s terminology that I use in only the rarest of occasions. Lol.

Going off of my meeting yesterday, this has probably been the fastest transition into action I’ve ever experienced. I think it’s something to do with hard deadlines that gets me going like no other. I just can’t say no. Once I get an idea in my head, a really juicy one, I can’t let it go until I see it through. It’s a blessing and a curse, except not a curse at all because I’m going to end up with something truly wonderful.

Man oh man, I wish I could show you everything I have going on friends, but then it wouldn’t be a secret and we can’t have that. I will probably be launching a version of my new website about a month prior to my launch date, June 21st, so get excited for that to come out guys! I know I am!

With nothing but love,