Being on the Joy!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was a whirlwind of activity. I kid you not when I say that I dealt with priority items from all areas of my life. It’s days like today that I live for too, when I feel super productive and my work flow is just jammin’. This is where I belong.

I’m extra happy because at this moment I’m moving forward on one thing in particular that I’m super excited about - my logo! It’s just on the cusp of my approval and that is a 2 month process that has been so rewarding I can’t even explain the multitude of feelings I have right now. All I can say for now is thank you universe!

There are so many things on the go right now that I’m just trying to keep my cool and move forward. What’s keeping me on the up and up though is that I know that this month is just going to breeze past and I’ve set my mind on just having fun with it all. I’m getting past trudging through things that don’t bring me excitement. So without further ado, bring on the joy!