Business Plan, It's Been Real

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Considering that tomorrow is a new moon, I figure its about time to kick off something new.  So that’s why I’ll be uploading my final business plan for a grant proposal I’ve been writing for what seems like a millenia (actual time - 5 months…time flies when you’re having fun.)  I’m literally dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s and just making sure that everything comes out perfectly.  I want big money after all.

If my astrology forecast for the month of May is anything to go by than I think it will be…check that out here.  I have a strong feeling I’m going to be hearing back some excellent news around the 27th…But hey, that’s just a hunch.  I’m also putting in an extroadinary number of hours to make it so.

And so, with everything new, there must also be a close.  

Business plan, it’s been real, but I’m glad to see the back of you as I go on to make up new goals and ideas and take on new roles.  But I’m sure I’ll see you again soon though, to keep up to date with your life too.  Let’s make it a date!