Buying Day Thanks

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So Tuesdays are traditionally my buying days. They’re what make the Whole Foods body care world go round if you will. I like my Tuesdays cuz as a kid I was a super early riser and on days like today I’m up and at em’ at 5am. No big deal.

These days can be trying though. They force me to recognize that ya man, I get tired too. And that’s kind of what I like. Not so much because I enjoy feeling tired, but rather I like seeing how I can strategize my way around those feelings and really just fine tune my process. It’s a 20 minute morning kind of day after all. Not bad for a girl who on most days take an hour and 10 to feel glamorous.

What I take away the most from this experience is what I’m learning. I’ve been in this roll now for just under 3 months and I feel settled. In that time I’ve learned SO much that at times my brain felt like jell-o. Other times I felt on top of the world. Both of which I can see now are just great life lessons that will aid me in Urban Minerals development. Time management, precision, communications and most importantly a higher level of budget consciousness. Aww yeaaaaah.

So today, as I head into work (it’s now 6:20am) I say thanks to Whole Foods, thanks to my dad for helping me out in the mornings and thanks to you to continue taking this journey with me.

Enjoy the ish outta yo Tuesday!