Circulating Vibes

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I believe in putting out good vibes. That’s why when I was about to go on my trip, I decided to team up with my good friend Mishka to take some Circulating Vibes cards with me.

The idea behind the cards is to just circulate some good vibes. Essentially they’re put out into the world, each individual card reading a different message, and somehow they make their way to the right person.

I left several along my path from Calgary to Vancouver.

I figured it would help propel me forward energetically along with countless other people. What could be better?

I made sure to bless the cards and document their start in life on Instagram (@urbanminerals) and also passed each one along in spots that I felt we’re special in some way.
How cool to see where they show up.

So if ever you come along a circulating vibes card, please pick it up, read it for its significance and then hold onto it until you feel ready to let it out back into the world to continue circulating that good vibe!

One love errybody!