Contingency Plans

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I found myself in a predicament that I’ve seen before. My mixer broke. And I panicked. Why? Because I hate being caught off guard and I have upcoming mixing sessions for which I needed that blender. No worse time to have no backup plan.

I was mixing up some foundation base (yay!) and was just getting to the end of the process where I add Rosemary C02 antioxidant to the blend to help slow down the oxidization process and my batch size cuisinart blender went caput. Stopped running and fizzled out sadly. So I did what anyone would do and started to worry. I went through all these eventualities in my head and got kind of worked up. This led me to clean up my space because I figured I was done and started going over the beginnings of a plan for tomorrow. I got through my plan and was starting to feel so much better (the wonderful side effect of feeling prepared), that when I tried my blender one more time just for lucks sake, I got a happy surprise when the engine turned over! Boooyah, back in business baby!

I realized that this was a great lesson to make sure that I’m continually planning ahead and that I have contingency plans where none have existed before. Now I have a real contingency plan, just in case things go south and what to do in certain situations. Like for example, I have some research into alternative blenders and I may be making an investment in a mortar and pestle just in case technology wants to mess with me again. Only time will give me the ability to make sure these are fool proof. But hey I’m glad for it.

So off to bed I go and tomorrow I get to mix my good friend Kristen’s foundation! I’m so excited now that I finally feel good and prepared! Yay!