Crunch Time/Off

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Juggling has never been my forte, and yet here I am, juggling all different areas of my life.  Starting up a business is an incredible process, one that challenges you in ways you’d never imagined before, but it can also make you go a little bonkers sometimes.  That’s why I’m so excited to announce that I’m taking a break from it all for a week coming up on Thursday.  I’m leaving Toronto for a much needed break to fly to Calgary, drive to Vancouver and visit my awesome girl Leila for a week.  

This time, although in the middle of crunch time, is just what I want/need.  I’m currently in the process of lining everything up so that while I’m there, I can actually focus on one thing at a time - mountains, cool air, the Pacific ocean and just being in nature.  I want to feel re-charged, energized, and grounded by all of the scenic beauty.

And I can’t front, part of me will be thinking business while I’m there.  I plan to do some photography for my website, and I’m going to try to hit up at least 3 eco-friendly stores to do a little light networking.  Ya know, just for the sake of saying I did some business in Vancity ;)

Either way this is all just a wonderful time and experience that I’m looking forward to and I’ll just have you know that you will be able to experience that with me right here.  I wouldn’t dare travel all the way there and not share my beauty filled experiences with you!