Day 1: GRN LVG

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Yesterday I had a farewell dinner with the ladies of Pistachio - a team of extraordinary women who were incredibly fun and intelligent people to work with.  This is the T-shirt that I wore.  Like it?  Ya, so do I. 

Why is this relevant?

Well to not put too fine a point on it, Pistachio was an emporium for all things GREEN.  For all you eco-neophytes, I should quantify that Green just means anything that was organic, recycled, upcycled, sustainably made, fair trade, biodegradable, hand crafted and local.  These product requirements stretched across various intersections of life like Paper products, Eco-Life and Home products, Green Baby, Green Kids, Green Literature and my personal favourite, Green Beauty. It housed lots of new and upcoming brands and made them accessible to the greater public with an emphasis on education.  I also felt a need to pay homage to that way of life and what better way to do so then with a badass tee.

Why am I using the past tense?  Well, because Pistachio closed its doors in May, 2012… 

It closed for reasons I am not wholly privy to, but the central tenants of the store survived and are all in the midst of being re-worked and re-configured by many likeminded individuals such as myself.  This way of life and frankly, way of doing business, is central to the impact that Urban Minerals would like to make. 

Grn Lvg is so important to me because of how it impacts my life every day and the lives of those around me.  I want to see this company do great things, but more importantly I want people to walk away from it with the same feelings as they held for Pistachio, with a sense of possibility painted Green…


*Also, if you’re interested in getting your hands on a GRN LVG tee, hit up  the wonderful people at the Green Living Show and try your hand at volunteering OR purchase one at an event info booth.  They partner with Me to We ( for all of their T-shirt needs so also give them a try.  Both are amazing to work with and you will make up your unpaid time with potential partners and inspiration of the highest order!

So here’s to the next chapter, and to another day to post to you all.  

1-2-3 Grow!     


Sarah, resident Urban Hippie at Urban Minerals