Day 103: Fears of a Grown Man Dressed as a Scarecrow: Learning to Deal With your Fears

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

In life there can be so many things that scare us.  Spooky, heart racing, adrenaline pumping things that give us fear.  The majority of this in my opinion is always motivated by the fear of the unknown (which for me is the biggest one.) Often these fears can be manifested in all sorts of ways. They can be seen in not wanting to start something new or go somewhere by yourself or even be seen in my adventure last night at Halloween Haunt.  

In the span of 4 hours, Jess and I hit up 8 different mazes in the park where staff were dressed up as zombies and monsters and were charged with scaring anyone they came across. 

I won’t lie. I jumped and screamed and jumped and screamed some more.  Too many times to count. But I also had the best time ever…!

In those moments of fear and excitement all I could think to do was scream and then laugh my head off for being totally scared out of my wits at someone who I know is just being paid to do a very sinister job. But nevertheless I kept coming upon these costumed scaries and kept getting frightened.  


Because that thrill you get, that excitement, that rush of adrenaline keeps pushing you forward because it makes you feel totally alive and in the moment  And at some point your just not so scared anymore.  Plus, sometimes it’s fun to get scared. 

Which in my books is the key.  Fear is the catalyst that always forces you into action. That action could be fight or flight but thats small beans compared to how you feel after and the realizations that follow. 

How does this all translate? Well I’ll tell you.

The single most important thing I’ve learned throughout this entire journey so far has been learning to let go of my fears and move past them into the realizations beyond. In other words, stopping my personal limiting beliefs in their tracks. Those things that keep getting in my way are generally there for a big reason - I have to deal with them. 

Yes it may be frightening, as one who has stuttered and misstepped many times can attest, and yes you will not want to keep going at certain low points, but in the end that feeling of satisfaction when you achieve success (because you will if you believe you will) is the most powerful thing you can ever feel.  Feeling self-sufficient and smart in my books is way more important that staying small and not reaching for my dreams. 

Of course I wish you could have been there to see how bad I take a grown man dressed as a scarecrow hiding in corn stalks jump out at me and make me scream like a little girl. But that just goes to show that even those of us who consider ourselves to be strong can still have our moments too. 

But that’s the way it should be, no?