Day 107: I Feel Like Vegging Out...

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So as much as this process, of starting up my own business has rocked, there are also points like right now, that it sucks.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible I guess, it`s just that right now, I`m feeling quite overwhelmed.  I`m having a hard time forging ahead and that is seriously impacting my mood.  It makes sense because when I don`t feel like I`m being productive I do the opposite of what I should which is just get to it; I just sit there and wallow.  Sometimes…

Right now is one of those moments.  And for the first time in my life I think I`m just gonna let it happen.  Funks can happen all the time and at the point I`m at, I just don`t feel like doing anything.  I know this is not my usual style, because I`m an upbeat, optimistic person by nature, but seriously I just feel like laying down.  LOL. 

Forgive me if this is bringing you down.  I plan to just lay back, maybe order a pizza, make some popcorn, and watch a movie or Sex and the City (my go to happy past time, lol) and just go to bed early.  I hope that doing these things will recharge me for tomorrow and actually feeling like I want to be a go-getter.  

I know that persons in here somewhere.

So my question to you is, do you ever feel like you`re running on low batteries?  Do you ever just need to give yourself a time out, to regroup and veg for a minute?  Let me know, because at this point I could use some solidarity!