Day 109: Win-Win Situations

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So with some fun last night watching scary movies and hanging with good friends, I feel back to my old self but with the exception of having better perspective on life.  At the point where I`m at right now in my life and in my business there are things that I like, things that I love and things that I want to change.  A normal transition phase, if such a phase could be deemed as such.  I want to spend today doing my research and catching myself up to speed.  

I`m feeling more energized about my research and have been taking the time during my days to jot down key points that I want to focus on in each ingredient.  Namely the environmental lens laced who, what, where, when and why plus how.  I think that as our society grows and learns more about itself, it will be able to appreciate ingredient lists that work synergistically together and make sense for all skin types.  Green beauty in my opinion should then ultimately make the effort to foresee how people are going to want to see themselves, and this is also something I`m keeping in mind too.

So as I opened a bag of Yogi Tea today in preparation for getting down to said research, I came to an awesome realization.  Firstly, I gotta keep saying that I love this brand.  They are a perfect example of the intertwining of foresight and forethought, because not only do they male great blends of tea with high quality organic ingredients but on every tea bag there`s a small quote.  Today`s quote is this - “Greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.”I love this because it just goes to show that there are many models for awesome companies out there, that others are obviously thinking about giving in more ways than one, and the quote itself is true, greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.  

In your life, in your business and in your relationships you can give of yourself but possessions amount to nothing because they stand for nothing other than a physical item unless you place the meaning behind them.  In a way, thinking about synergistic ingredients is just me expressing one of my gifts to you and knowing that others will want to use my product based on the fact that I have put that thought and emphasis in specific areas for specific reasons.  It is also a gift to myself, because I know that I will be giving someone peace of mind and potentially really helping them too with their personal beliefs around beauty and themselves.  That makes me feel good and gears me towards having a more holistic approach to my line.  

So what could be better than that?  I believe that we should all benefit from the products that we use and that should go both ways, but not without the producing party having done the right work ahead of time so that the consuming party can benefit in more ways than just one.  

Sounds like a Win-Win situation to me!