Day 11: Never

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth


Never give up because you feel discouraged.

Never allow others to dictate how you feel about yourself.

Never feel like you aren’t good enough.  You are.

Never compromise on your ideas because someone is judging you on a cursory glance.

Never, and I mean never ever, think that you should rethink your dream because for a moment you second guess it…


Please, get up after you’re pushed down.

Please, decompress, reboot, take 5 and return to your centre.

Please, know that you had a wonderful divine spark of clarity in dreaming up your dream and that can never be taken from you.

Only you know what drive, tenacity and bad ass-ness you possess and it is up to you, and only you to show that off to the world - haters be warned.

And so please,


Sarah, resident Urban Hippie at Urban Minerals