Day 111: Manifesting Mojo

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today is a day of manifesting all sorts of goodness because it’s day 111! Much like when you look up at just the right moment and see 11:11 on the clock and make a wish, I believe today is symbolically a day to take a moment to marvel and see about making some wishes of my own by working to maneuver my dreams closer to reality.

I will preface this disucssion too by saying that I do believe that things happen for a reason or many reasons and there have been many moments in my life, heck even just in 2012 alone where that has been proven over and over with synchronous events that came about after intense periods of concentrated positive thinking.

I want to start to manifest my future by thinking about all the great stuff I’m happy with, a sort of way to amp up my personal energy. So here goes.

I’m grateful to be alive, to be living in a place in the world as wonderfully multicultural as Toronto, to have made so many actionable steps this far in Urban Minerals, like register it with the Government of Ontario, create a blog I love writing on everyday, and a considerable little following on twitter that has so far proven to be supportive, to have awesome friends and fam who support me, to express myself through mineral makeup and beauty and colour therapy and finally to be able to make good choices for myself as a woman and as an environmentalist.

(See once you get started it’s quite easy to get going on a roll…)

Now the second part of my manifesting has to do with the actually wishmaking. So here we go.

I wish to be able to create the time I need to research and mix, mix and research, I want to move ahead with a formula that is both healing for the skin and society, print business cards that pull new clientele in to me effortlessly, create beautiful recyclable packaging, and start to retail in one of my favourite stores and online. I see Urban Minerals being received widely and with applause and I hope to be ready to work hard every day and to make my brand a success here in my home town of Tdot and then eventually abroad. I wish more than anything to help women and men of all colours and ethnicities embrace their unique beauties and recognize their own sense of connection to this planet and see my love of all things green and beautiful culminate in a successful launch party, June 21st, 2013.

And if that’s not too much to ask, I would also like to work on my diet and maybe drop 5 pounds and gain more immune strength so I don’t get my annual post-christmas cold. If it’s not too much to ask…

So with all of that out there, the final stage is to just send those ideas positivity, light and love and then surrender any preconceived notions about how it’s all going to work, to the Universe and just get on with it. The secret is just in learning to let go and let it happen.

So let me ask, do you think you can do it too? Share your own story of manifestation here on the blog, on twitter or send me an email at (it’s new!)