Day 113: A Weird Day to Contemplate

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy November!

I hope that you had an awesome time last night, on Halloween, dressing up and going out, trick or treating and the like.  I know that I sure did.  It was definitely a night to remember, spending time with my boyfriend and a bunch of new friends from work.

Upon waking this morning though, it hit me that it`s now November and things are progressing, some at their very own special paces.  I have to say that October, now looking back on it, was a very intense month for me.  It felt like a lot of energy was swirling around me and that gave me a run for my money when it came to maintaining good work habits and organization.  I will say though that I feel at this point, still quite happy and ready to move on up.

So let me tell you a bit about the weird day that I had today.  

While at work I had a very unsettling encounter with a fellow business owner (whose name and company I will leave out for privacy issues.)  Normally when someone tells me that they own their own company, I like to tell them about Urban Minerals, to network with them.  But not today.  I think with everyone I meet, I can read people quite well, and with this business owner in particular, my intuition kicked in and told me not to say anything.  Long story short, she ended up leaving the store due to her own poor people skills and I got to see first hand how not to treat people when working in an official, business related capacity.  I don`t think it`s appropriate to communicate poorly when dealing with others, speak rudely to them or make them feel uncomfortable.   That shit does not fly with me and it certainly isn`t how I do things.

Later on into the afternoon, I dealt with a customer who needed a considerable amount of handling when it came to deciding what to buy.  Fine, I don`t mind at all, I actually really enjoy and get a kick out of helping people.  Generally speaking, I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to flex my customer service muscle.  This gentleman in particular however ended up being a bit of a handful.  Let`s just say that in the span of 10 minutes I think I had walked the whole section at least 5 times.  Again, I don`t mind, but in cases like today when the person is sick and also just so happens to be a close-talker, you know the kind who keeping moving closer when you take a step back, well I just sometimes have to rush things in a subtle, tactful way.  Anyways, another long story short, he ended up leaving quite happy with 3 products, and then a short time later came back to the section and gave me a bottle of freshly squeezed Orange juice as a gift for being so kind, sweet and helpful.  

I was a bit surprised, but mostly just really flattered.  I accepted the juice after seeing that it was indeed paid for and sealed completely and then proceeded to share it with my team to much elation over such a nice gift.  

Weird circumstances, but hey sometimes you just gotta go with what the Universe throws at you.

This experience reminded me of another customer I had last night (on Halloween) and how I ended up getting a really nice compliment.  After helping her with some supplements for stress and hair loss, she ended up giving me a little insight to how I come across as a salesperson.  Her words were that I act sincere and it doesn`t feel like I`m selling anything, because I`m just telling the truth.  Pretty cool, huh?  I loved hearing that, because it means that I`m doing my job right, and I always want people to leave feeling awesome about what they`re going to buy.

By days end, I felt like I`d been given 3 opportunities to really take my appreciation of customer service to the next level.  I think that inadvertently I was given three situations which each showed me how to treat people, how not to treat them and how to deliver that extra little something that makes people come back and want to reward you.  I also think that just as much as the customer should feel great after you have served them, the same sentiment applies to those who you do business with and in my case, relationship building with the potential distributors of my product.  I would hate to have to leave because of something that I did that turned off the people that sell my product for me.  That doesn`t serve my purpose of why I`m here in the first place, and I just feel very grateful that I got to be a witness and not a participant.

So with that I want to move my ideas of customer service into the next month of November and really get down to doing some great planning, strategizing, and as always researching and developing.  This month I`m going to finalize a bunch of research, start buying more ingredients and get myself to the point where I can finalize my formula.  I am so excited to move forward with everything.  I just know that from my perspective, one day I will be able to give the same great customer service that I give all my customers all day long at WFM, to those who will eventually buy Urban Minerals loose foundations - respectful, sincere, and humour filled service.