Day 115

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today after having gone to coffee last night with my good friend Aleeza, I feel re-energized. I truly believe that taking some space sometimes can do wonders for your resolve and goals, focus and dedication. It means that now, after talking candidly about the things that have been bothering me, I can rationally decided where to go from here.

I have so many ideas now pouring out of me and strategies, timelines and goals. It would seem that things are going to coalesce well over the course of the next month and that is legitimately the tip of the iceberg. I think I am going to ride this wave of new energy into more happiness and just working on my research as avidly as possible.

As an adjunct, I’m going to be joining a gym soon. I’ve been getting too many cosmic hits, not to. I want to align my body with my mind and I want to look as good as I feel. Makes sense. Also I just want the endorphin benefits and motivation that come along with working out. Wish me luck as I do the research to find a good gym and make yet another transition.

God this has been the most productive year of my life!