Day 117: Plant Medicine

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is a day to think about all of the plants that I want to incorporate into my blend.  The more I learn about them and work with them, the more in awe I find myself. 

Plants all over the world have been use medicinally for thousands of years, and are therapeutic in nature. They have many properties that are beneficial to our bodies and sometimes to many different systems throughout our bodies.  It would make only the greatest amount of sense to maximize this potential by using them in my blends, because I want to educate women on these benefits just as much as I want women to gain better looking skin through using Urban Minerals products.

I feel excited when I start my research on a new product, and while things are moving at their own slow pace, I know that I am making considerable headway.  I know it by the fact that my list is becoming more manageable and just today that I learned a song about a beautiful green woman who comes and brings peace as the spirit of the plant itself.  This song is a native song that was passed to me by one of the women I work with, Deborah, and I’m so greatful to have learned it.  The next time I find myself on a walk outside I will sing it loud and proud. 

I hope you’re all enjoying your Mondays and finding that work flow within.  Get on it!!