Day 125: Procrastination Solved!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is a day to see how everything plays out. I’ve been trying to get all my research done and as much as I have been trying I also know my focus is flagging.  So instead of getting down on myself about it, I’ve decided to just watch what my triggers are surrounding my work ethic and motivation.

A trigger in this sense is like watching for moments when certain patterns of behaviour come out ie. when I start to feel tired and my energy is low, how long does it take for me to feel like putting off my research until tomorrow.

I want to monitor these behaviors because procrastination is just not something I can afford anymore but I see myself trying to buy more time, but for all the wrong reasons.

So as always, with proactive productivity in mind I endeavor to watch myself and try to do better. I also know that there are certain things I could be doing when I feel tired, to regain my high energy level that I’m just not employing because I feel, you guessed it, tired.

Instead of just saying I’ll do it tomorrow I could put some good work music on. I could make myself a cup of matcha green tea which is known to be calming as well as helpful in increase mental clarity and focus. I also have some Awakening tea from the Algonquin Tea Company that practically doubles my energy. Or I could grab myself a superfood snack like hemp hearts or golden berries, goji berries or these freaking amazing Matcha Green Tea Go Balls (lol) that are chocolatey, matcha-y, hemp hearty goodness.

Gahhhh! I know the solutions to my procrastination issues! And it took me writing it to you for me to figure it out. I love when I can troubleshoot my own life! Thanks for listening!

So now I’m off to work to stock up today and then get really serious about knowing how my energy impacts my research. To me there’s now an obvious correlation and I really do want to have it all done by the 19th. Wish me luck!

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