Day 127: Workflow!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is a day for positivity and workflow.  What’s workflow?  It’s a time when you sit down intending to do work and actually get it done.  In professional terms, it’s what some would call time blocking.  A time where you schedule yourself to get a certain amount done and you actually do it.  It’s setting yourself a goal and actually achieving it.  And it feels DAMN good.

That’s where my mind is at today.  I want to kick my research out of the park, because I need to finish it asap.  I’m sick of having it hanging over my head and I want my headspace back because I have other, important things to put my brainpower towards.  Those things that I want to be able to use this information towards and that deserve my undivided attention.  I want to be able to also give myself a break, because lately I feel as though I’ve been pushing myself to hard when I don’t feel motivated and that sucks.  I don’t want to make myself feel bad.  So no more.  I’m throwing the towel in and just gettin’ her done.

Watch out research, I’m coming for you!